Tools to help you safely navigate your way around the defi world.


0xTools is an innovative Platform hosted on Telegram messenger, designed for users to safely navigate their way around the defi world, whether you're a degen. The 0xTools ecosystem is designed to ensure its users will have the best entry on the most bullish tokens! The collection of bots will all sit under the 0xTools umbrella as all services will compliment one another.

0xBribe Bot

This innovative Telegram based sniper bot completely changes the way trading happens on Telegram. It gives users the ability to take advantage of every chance in the fast-moving cryptocurrency market. This advanced bot acts like a watchful helper and collaborates closely with the 0xWhale Bot. Whenever the 0xWhale Bot notifies users about a potential opportunity, it also quickly notifies users about high-potential trading chances by a simple click of a button you will automatically prompt 0xBribe bot to instantly buy in, helping users make well-timed and accurate trades.

0xWhale Bot

Real-time Whale Notifications: Our Whale Bot will provide instant notifications on whale transactions within Telegram. Stay informed about significant movements in the crypto market. Wallet Tracking: Take advantage of wallet watching, a unique feature that goes beyond traditional price alerts. Keep an eye on influential wallets to enhance your trading strategy.

0xPortfolio Bot

Smooth Wallet Tracking: Monitor your crypto balances in both BSC and ETH wallets seamlessly within Telegram. No need to switch applications or leave the Telegram platform. Blazing Fast Price Alerts: Receive blazing-fast price alerts, ensuring you're always up to date with your wallet's performance.

0xBuy Bot

High Ambition Crypto Groups: 0xBuy Bot is designed for crypto projects with high ambitions. Monitor buys, sells, and price changes for up to two tokens for free. Unmatched Speed: Experience unparalleled speed in monitoring crypto markets, giving you the competitive edge. Versatility and Accessibility: Our Buy Bot offers unmatched versatility and accessibility, making it the perfect tool for ambitious crypto communities.


The 0xTools team takes great pride in introducing its Revenue Share Program, a unique opportunity for token holders to become co-owners of the platform and have a share in its revenue stream. Users will benefit by just simply holding the $0xTools token with many different streams of gaining revenue!







4% total tax






CEX Listing
Staking pool


Phase 1

  • Launch Socials
  • Complete Testing
  • Pre-launch Marketing
  • Create Community
  • Launch Token

Phase 2

  • Launch Whitepaper
  • Launch 0xBribe Bot
  • Telegram Marketing Campaign
  • Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • List on CoinGecko
  • List on CoinMarketCap

Phase 3

  • Launch 0xWhale Bot
  • Start Adding Extra Functions
  • List on Mid-Tier Exchange
  • Trend on Multiple Platforms
  • Launch Revenue Sharing Platform

Phase 4

  • List on Tier 1 Exchange
  • Partnership with Tier 1 Influencers
  • Launch Wallet Integration
  • Onboard Third-Party Marketing
  • Test Bug Fixes on Developing Utilities

Phase 5

  • Launch 0xBuy Bot
  • Launch 0xPortfolio Bot
  • Start Revenue Share Program for 0xTools
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign
  • Start Worldwide Trending Campaign
  • List on Tier 1 Exchanges

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